Week Off in September 2014

14:40. 27/08/14

No practice Tues 9th or Fri 12th September, we are on holiday. Back to normal after that


Holiday Break 2013

18:38. 10/01/13

Due to unfortunate and unforeseen events, practice will not resume until the 18th January. Thank you for bearing with us folks.


All classes are held at the Exeter Community Centre. Beginners are always welcome, and no prior arrangement is necessary to visit the dojo. Due to insurance restrictions students must be 18 or over.

  • Tuesday

  • Friday

  • 19:00 - 21:00

  • 19:00 - 21:00

  • Full

  • Concessions

  • + annual insurance of £15

  • £35 / month

  • £28 / month

  • Call James on (01392) 496 787 or email us:

  • Paul Magee

  • James Wenger

  • Lucie Spiers

Aikido is a Japanese system of self defence that is fundamentally non-aggressive and non-competitive. Despite the brutal potential of the techniques, the object of the various throws, locks and pins is to neutralise and immobalise aggressors rather than cause them injury.

Exeter Aikido was established in 1997. We are directly affiliated with the Osaka Aikikai in Japan, and our gradings are ratified through them by Tokyo Honbu. All of our dan gradings take place in Japan.

Paul Magee has practiced Aikido since 1985. He was introduced to the Aikikai style at Lee Sensei's dojo in Taipei, and went on to study it for a further five years with Nishimura Sensei at Koshiro dojo in Kyoto.

The other instructors at Exeter Aikido are James Wenger, Lucie Spiers, Richard Perring and Joe Dickinson.